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2-D works.


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Devil Humpty Dumpty

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Humpty Dumpty Undead. Carving process pics.


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I’ve used all manner of sculpting materials you can imagine. But, when I discovered Plaster of Paris I fell in love with it. I like to mostly work reductive, but I do try to dial stuff in as much as possible with an armature. It’s as old school as you can get and that is part of the appeal. But it holds your line, is light weight but it feels like you are working with a stone that carves super easy.

Here are a selection of photos chronicling Humptys carving process. From my ill fated styrofoam core. Ill fated because, the plaster of Paris coating was too thin and it didn’t take long to break through the plaster to the foam. So to remove the core of styro I poured lacquer thinner to melt the foam and then filled the shell with more plaster.

That worked great until the entire half of his skull fell off.( Right at about pic 3 this happened.) Needless to say I was very upset. Plaster has to be scored and layered with burlap to bond with different pours correctly. But I pressed on mostly because I am obsessive and can’t be stopped!

The pictures go from the basic form to the finished Humpty army at the end. The carving process is the most exciting part for sure. Because even with preliminary drawings I like to wing it mostly and let things happen. So until I’m done every part is a new creation.

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